GLEN    Collaborations

are projects led by members that focus on pushing the edges of methodology to support collective impact. They are intentionally designed to provide opportunities for smaller groups to share insights and co-design resources for the larger community.

Current Collaborations

California Community Wildfire Resilience Roundtables

This collaboration, in partnership with the Desert Research Institute and South West Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW CASC) is organizing a roundtable series in California for leaders in the fire preparedness & response communities and related stakeholders. It is the early stages of mapping the influence systems surrounding wildfire & community resilience policies. The intent is to find people who have real commitment to engaging stakeholders in fundamental rethinking of responses and capacities. 

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This collaboration is a mutual support writing group composed of GLEN Members who are blogging regularly. The group meetings regularly, shares writing, and is evolving practices for support and critique that will amplify all of our work. They support the generic blog on this site.

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Leading As Sacred Practice Continuum

This collaboration is for participants in the Leading as Sacred Practice conferences and Exchanges being sponsored by The GLEN in collaboration with Holger Scholz, founder of kommunikationslotsen in Germany. Material from the conferences posted here, along with forums for continuing exchange and sharing of resources.

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Women of The GLEN

As we women come ever more fully into our own, we are creating the world we want. The purpose of the Women of the GLEN Collaboration is to foster a deeper understanding of feminine wisdom in leadership and to promote an integrated wisdom in men and women leaders for a safer, better, more humane and just world.

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Cebu Farmers Market—Toward Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems

Teresa Ruelas and her collaborators are supporting farmers on the island of Cebu in the Philippines to grow organic food and market it through farmers markets, which include a place where community gathers, shares information on gardening, health benefits of certain fruits and vegetables and herbs, recipes, and new business ideas. The project is now a non-profit called the Communities for Alternative Food Eco-systems or CAFÉ. 

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The GLEN Producers

This team, facilitated by David Sibbet, works together to evolve The GLEN's website, design and edit outputs from Exchanges and Collaborations, and helps develp new self-paced learning resources that can be shared with the larger public.

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GLEN Meta-learning & Governance

This is a collaboration of a formal advisory board, GLEN Directors, and active members interested in reflexively exploring the patterns of learning, growth and development emerging in The GLEN as a whole system.  This collaboration tracks understanding of impacts, needs of members, programming strategies, evolving perspectives, mindsets, and issues that need resolution.

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