GLEN Collaborations

These are member-led projects that focus on advancing collaborative methodologies to support collective impact. They are organized to provide opportunities for smaller groups to take action, harvest learning, and co-design resources for the benefit of the larger community.

Current Collaborations

The Awakening Project

The mission of The Awakening is to transform the American prison system from the insideout by supporting those impacted by mass incarceration — especially those navigating there-entry and reintegration process – and by creating a global online community to catalyze individual and systemic transformation. The project was conceived and launched by Steven Clark, a GLEN member who is now in his eighteenth year of incarceration in a maximum security prison in Maine. The GLEN is working with Steven to support this program.


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California Community Wildfire Resilience Roundtables

This collaboration, in partnership with the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW CASC), has comp;lete a first phase of problem scoping workshops and is now organizing a series of more extensive roundtable dialogues for California to answer several questions: 1. How are leaders, organizations and policies helping or hindering fire safe practices in new wildland/urban developments? 2) What regional differences need to be respected?, and 3.) What will support communities developing more resiliency capability? This collaboration is currently Seeking second round funding.

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Visualizing Community Resilience

The GLEN is collaborating with the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Institute to develop guides and other visual resources that will support community resilience. This work is parallel to the Wildfire Roundtable project. IFVP Institute is the non-profit wing of IFVP, the premier association of visual practitioners worldwide.

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For 45 years David Sibbet has been tracking the evolution of mental models and frameworks that can act as more holistic guides to co-creating a future that is more respectful of nature, people who are marginalized, and the interconnected nature of all living things. These systems are a kind of social sourcecode—capable of generating the behaviors and actions that will lead to a thriving and resilient future. This project is inviting GLEN members to help identify and link members to these ideas. David's own work with the Theory of Process will provide one example. The recent Cohado Exchange provides another.

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The GLEN Writers

 This collaboration is a writing group composed of GLEN members who want to write together and share work in progress. The group meets bi-weekly, writes to simple prompts,l shares writing, and is evolving practices for support and critique that will amplify everyone’s work.

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Leading As Sacred Practice Continuum

Since Leading as Sacred Practice (LASP) conferences and Exchanges began in 2016 the Ensemble of Alan Briskin, Holger Scholz, Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet have been designing and hosting events to continue its evolution. Join the LASP network by getting involved in the next event. Attendees are linked to a repository of past sessions.

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Women of The GLEN

As we women come ever more fully into our own, we are creating the world we want. The purpose of the Women of the GLEN Collaboration is to foster a deeper understanding of feminine wisdom in leadership and to promote an integrated wisdom in men and women leaders for a safer, better, more humane and just world.

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The GLEN Producers

This team, facilitated by David Sibbet, works together to design and edit outputs from Exchanges and Collaborations, and helps develop new self-paced learning resources that can be shared with the larger public. Currently the team is working to evolve The GLEN's website.  

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GLEN Meta-Trackers & Advisory Board

This is a collaboration of The GLEN advisory board and active members interested in reflexively exploring the patterns of learning, growth and development emerging in The GLEN as a whole system and the projects it supports. This collaboration tracks understanding of impacts, needs of members, programming strategies, evolving perspectives, mindsets, and issues that need resolution.

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