Women of the GLEN

Our intention with this collaboration is to create and engage in a process that mentors the Women of the GLEN and helps us understand and access our way of knowing, deeply connect with what we know, give voice to what we bring, and link our wisdom with our leadership in the world.

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Guiding Principles for Our Collaboration

  • Essential components of a process that mentors those who are part of it include:
    • Asking questions of genuine curiosity;
    • Listening deeply and actively;
    • Extending compassion to ourselves and others; and
    • Speaking in honest and inclusive ways.
  • We have more consistent access to feminine wisdom when we expand inner and outer awareness and create inner and outer spaciousness
  • We are better able to achieve the purpose of this collaboration when we move fluidly among feminine (magnetic) and masculine (dynamic) energies.
  • Individually and collectively we can consciously and deliberately move to the next stage of being and expressing more fully who we are through well-designed processes, including ritual and ceremony.
  • Together we can discover and reveal our wisdom as a source of personal and collective actions that help create the world we want.
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Our Process

The Women of the GLEN organize periodic Exchanges like the recent Caring for Self & Each Other, and have had special times together at the GLEN Community Gatherings.

Members are encouraged to bring forward topics and issues that would be addressed in a special way in a gathering for women only.

How to Contribute

Get involved with the collaboration leads and together determine what activities you would like to support. Signing up to collaborate will allow you access to the archived notes from Exchanges and special meetings.

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