How to Join the GLEN Meta-Trackers

Purpose of the GLEN Meta-Trackers


The GLEN is at heart an action-learning network deeply exploring what it means to be a self conscious and reflexive system. Things are often split into urgent action projects on the one hand, and reflective personal and organizational development experience on the others. We are working to combine these.

Our Process

  1. the Meta-Trackers meet regularly to step back and look at The GLEN as an integrated action-learning ecosystem.

  2. We Zoom and meet personally.

  3. The group is committed to then feeding back to members what they are learning at a meta-level.
  4. the process is guided by key questions that constantly evolved through experience.
  5. We look at the Chat streams on our GLEN Networking Site, at the signups and responses to the Exchange and Collaboration offerings, and activity with the Learning Resources.
  6. We also track feedback from members and others who connect with The GLEN.
  7. We are deeply committed to being aware of our filers, assumptions, and mental models as we do this.
  8. We are committed to stretching this inquiry across cultures and other boundaries.

This collaboration is for you if..

  • You are interested in how systems learn.
  • You are interested in understanding impact and results.
  • You believe that self-awareness and group self-awareness is desirable and capable of being developed.

Our Facilitator

Gisela Wendling is the Executive Director of the GLEN and has spent her adult career being and action-learner. Reflexive practice is her passion.

Apply to the Meta-Trackers

Filling out this form will result in having a talk with Gisela about joining this group. Please share your experience with or interest in large system reflexivity.