Welcome to The GLEN

The Global Learning & Exchange Network


We are a community of change champions committed to creating a brighter future through better collaboration and leadership. We lead with generosity, lean into inquiry, share ideas and insights, and publish learning tools for the common good. 


Our members design and host exchanges to lean into inquiry, test new ideas, and share insights with dynamic colleagues in relational spaces that invite transfor- mation.



GLEN members provide fee-based workshops on a wide range of topics, circling around what it means to be an integrated practitioner rising above dualistic, polarized thinking. These range from embodiment and personal development workshops to learning specific skills and ideas. Some of these spin off small cohorts who continue practicing in self facilitated gatherings.

  • David Sibbet's Mapping the Mystery monthly series looks at things like Integral Theory, Stages Development, the Wendling Liminal Pathways Framework, and the Medicine Circle Earth wisdom work. 
  • The Leading As Sacred Practice project, whose sunrise experience at a gathering, went on-line during COVID and will return to a week-long retreat in 2024.
  • David Papa is offering workshops on working with the shadow and improvisation.

 GLEN courses are offered at a discount to formal GLEN members who've paid a nominal donation to help support the network.


The GLEN sponsors longer term projects, some of which are funded by donors and foundations. In the works are the following:

  • Working with Steven Clark on his Awakening program helping incarcerated individuals and their systems explore the possibility of true regeneration.
  • Working on Wildfire and Community Resilience with Tamara Wall and the Desert Research Institute. 

Learning Resources

Study our learning resources and support your professional development in a self-paced way.


Explore ideas interactively with a community of peers - both face-to-face and online.


Collaborate on action learning projects to address important challenges.

“There is not a shortage of resources, there is a shortage of consciousness.”

– Thomas Hübl



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The GLEN is a non-profit 501C3, part of Inquiring Systems, Inc. a Sonoma County fiscal agent focused on collaborating for a regenerative future. The GLEN was begun in 2015 by The Grove Consultants International, a full service organization development firm established in 1977. 


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