Welcome to The GLEN...

The Global Learning & Exchange Network— Awakening and Strengthening Creative, Collaborative Leadership

We are a Peer Learning Community

Change agents who want to evolve and become more effective are, in The GLEN,  leaning into inquiry and  exploring leading-edge approaches to individual and collective transformation, working across cultural and national boundaries.

As a global learning community we tap into collective wisdom, cultivate our capacity to be with uncertainty, witness one another’s growth, and freely share insights and expertise.

We especially want to support those on the front lines of social change and those who are leading and collaborating from the margins. 


We regularly pool the experience of members for insight, fellowship and witnessing.

We Host Crucibles for Transformational Change

We are willing to stand in the not knowing and being in the messy work of transformation together.

We work to create spaces strong enough to combine action and healing together.

We call it “mystical activism,” honoring all of who we are—spirit, soul, mind, and body.  

We experience our caring, co-inquiry and co-witnessing opening us up and providing a crucible for real change to occur.

We are Growing a Global Platform for Co-creation  

Our network attracts thought leaders who are collaborating to bring forward new approaches to change and transformation. Our online learning-management system supports longer-term, high-impact projects. Our aim is to invite emergent responses that have vision and promise. These projects allow us involve a wide range of global resources, cultures, and age groups.

The GLEN is a fiscally sponsored non-profit project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. and works with donors and grants to make this larger sharing possible.

We are partnered with The Grove Consultants International, who helped create The GLEN to make its many tools and methods of process leadership available for social change .



Projects to build community resilience, empower bottom-up leadership,  value liminal space, leading as sacred practice, and growing awareness of personal, social, and noetic fields.

Learning Resources

Study our learning resources and support your professional development in a self-paced way.


Explore ideas interactively with a community of peers - both face-to-face and online.


Collaborate on action learning projects to address important challenges.

We are People Who Care and Share

Many of the GLEN members are experienced process leaders and consultants who find that the co-creation of learning materials, guides, videos and workshops are important ways to learn together and model understanding and awareness of creative collaboration methods.

Seeding the mindsets and methods that will help evolve a sustainable future is a guiding motive.


Our self-paced learning resources support collaborative action and process leadership.

We Are Purposely Diverse ...and Dispersed

Our members are consultants, social activists, community leaders, writers, designers, musicians, poets, scientists, ceremonialists, and visual practitioners from all over the world who are interested in helping co-create a more just, equitable, and sustainable future. 

Our members believe that having respectful, cross-boundary conversations and supporting each other in our hopes, visions, and innovations is critical in these times.

 When these conversations and learning take place over time, relationships deepen, new voices join...

...and people and systems awaken and transform.

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c/o The Grove Consultants International 
1000 O'Reilly Avenue 
San Francisco, CA 94129
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The Grove Consultants International, a full service organization development firm established in 1977, began The GLEN in 2015. The GLEN complements Grove training, services, and tools by providing a collaborative space for mutual support and giving back through service.


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