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The Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) is a non-profit action learning community . . .

. . . whose purpose is to catalyze connection and collaboration among leaders, activists, and their organizations, communities, and cultures to better address the central challenges of our time.

What We Do

Learning Resources



Learning Resources

Study our learning resources and support your professional development in a self-paced way.


Explore ideas interactively with a community of peers - both face-to-face and online.


Collaborate on action learning projects to address important challenges.

What We Are

A Learning Community

We believe we have only begun to find the methods and practices necessary to step up to global challenges such as pandemics, racial injustice, global warming, migration, AI, and the like. We are passionate about inquiry and then co-designing media and tools that others can use. What is our legacy for the next generation?

A Crucible for Real Change

We know that people need to gather and exchange what they know, ask important questions, embrace real differences, and form brand new relationships across disciplines, distance and cultures. This co-inquiry and co-witnessing opens us up and provides a crucible for real change to occur.

A Platform for Collaboration  

Our network is fiscally sponsored as a non-profit by Inquiring Systems, Inc. We host a contemporary learning-management system that supports member programs and longer-term, high-impact projects. Members are the source of initiatives. Our aim is to support emergent responses that have vision and promise.

We Are Purposely Diverse ...and Dispersed

Our members are consultants, social activists, community leaders, writers, designers, musicians, poets, scientists, ceremonialists, and visual practitioners from all over the world who are interested in helping co-create a more collaborative future.

Our members believe that having respectful, cross-boundary conversations about our hopes, injustices, visions, innovations, and resilience is critical in these times.

When these conversations take place among people that really know and care about each other, and hold the shared intention of going deeper, and giving back what they discover...

...then people and systems CAN change 

and transform.

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The Grove Consultants International, a full service organization development firm established in 1977, began The GLEN in 2015. The GLEN complements Grove training, services, and tools by providing a collaborative space for exploring personal and systems change.


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