GLEN Exchanges

are face-to-face and online gatherings that intentionally work with the pooled experience of participants to generate insights.

They are sourced and facilitated by knowledgeable people you can interact with person-to-person in real time. The donations suggested for programs that are offered to the public help support The GLEN.

Featured Exchanges

EXPERIENCE THE GLEN: Information Session for Non-Members

Single Session: July 23, 2021. Time: 9–10:30am PT

This Exchange is your introduction into The GLEN experience. We will be taking a look at what draws members to this community and how The GLEN can support the questions that inform your practice. 



Leading As Sacred Practice EXCHANGE SERIES 

Series: April 23 to July 2, 2021 (every two weeks) Time: 9:00-11:00 am PT; 18:00-20:00 CET

This is a six-session series leading up to the LASP face-to-face conference in January of 2021. This series will explore six "Ways" for bringing Leading as Sacred Practice to life. They are linked to foundation principles we've been developing over three years of conferences on this subject. The series has a new LASP eBook describing these six "Ways."

Gisela Wendling, David Sibbet, Holger Scholz and Alan Briskin will co-host this exploration as an ensemble.



Generating New Fields of Awareness: the Neuropsychology of Change

Workshop: Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2021 Time: 8:30am–1:30pm PT.

Mary Gelinas, Ed.D., and David Sibbet will co-facilitate a four-day, online workshop that will explore four levels of awareness, as well as practices for generating new fields of perception in ourselves, groups and communities. These capabilities are essential for any work that hopes to be transformational. This workshop builds on two years of exploration of the neuropsychology of change in The GLEN, and current work writing about generative intentional, energetic and social fields.



Unfolding Wisdom Retreat

Being Rescheduled in response to the pandemic
This retreat was previously postponed to 2021 due to COVID and is again being rescheduled. Hosts Alan Briskin and Kathia Laszlo intend to explore the realms of paradox, harmonic contradictions, and the felt sense of belonging to a community of seekers, change makers, and consciousness pioneers. The retreat is designed for individuals who work with groups in their capacity as leaders, consultants, facilitators, and change agents. 



Leading as Sacred Practice Summit 2021

Residential / Virtual Retreat: Fall 2021. Date TBD.
This week-long summit is being redesigned for a more hybrid format that will allow for full participation.  This will be our fourth global summit in which we continue to explore and develop insights and practices for leading with sacred intent. Participants will also have a chance to reflect on their experiences in the field. As always, our goal is to experientially bring to life the practices we are exploring.


Recent Exchanges

Leaders They Do Not See: The Tender, Powerful & Troublesome

Series: Completed March 4, April 1, and May 6, 2021. Time: 9:00–11:00am PT.

Is invisible leadership real leadership? Karen Wilhelm Buckley and Karolina Iwa believe that the less visible sides of leadership are essential to the success to all of our endeavors. They invite you to sense into and map the invisible dimensions of leadership. Invisible can mean “hidden” or “unable to be seen” and at times may even be treated as “not worthy”. We know that recognition and affirmation depend on personal perception and the culture of the system.

Exploring Systemic Racism Through the Film "The Eichmann Show"

Single Session: March 12, 2021. Time: 9:00–11:00am PT

In the light of the January 6th events at the U.S. Capitol and the growing concern about the rise of white-supremacy movements in this country and beyond, Gisela Wendling, Alan Briskin, and David Matthew Prior would like to invite you to explore the roots of white supremacy through a dialogue about the BBC Film The Eichmann Show (2015). The film tells the story of the 1962 globally televised trial in which Eichman is prosecuted in Israel for his role in the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. This Netflix film, which we ask members to watch before the exchange, is an essential lens through which we can examine systemic racism wherever it is present.

GLEN Community Solstice Call: Celebrating Our Voices Together

Single Session: Dec 21, 2020

We gather this solstice at the regular GLEN Bloggers time to celebrate our community, and share poems and insights about our relationships with the light and the dark.
Women of the GLEN: Caring for Self & Each Other

Series: Dec 3, 2020 

In the last months of 2020, we’re coming together to practice care for self and for each other. This will be a gently held space open to Women of The GLEN, facilitated by Ronita Johnson and Nancy Davis. Click the Register Now button for more detail and to register.   

GLEN Community Call: What is Our Complicity With Racism?
Single Session June 28, 2020
Four crises are facing our world right now: COVID–19, climate change, economic free fall and racial injustice. The first three are rapidly exacerbating and laying bare the last: racial injustice. This Exchange was a call for members to collectively and thoughtfully consider how recent events related to racial injustice are affecting us and what each of us wants to do about it. Ronita Johnson, Gisela Wendling, and Mary Gelinas hosted the Exchange.

World Crises Response: Creating the Future We Want
Series July 16, 30 and Aug 13, 2020

We held two GLEN community conversations in March to check in on how each of us was doing in the midst of our dramatically changing world. This Exchange series was intended to continue our connection and deepen our conversations with one another. Together we leaned into what new understanding were arising and what wisdom wanted to be expressed through our collective dialogue—not only for ourselves but also to support our ability to help others. Our exploration combined guided reflection practices with personal sharing and group dialogues. 


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