Getting Cooked

September 16-20, 2024

at the Beuerhof Seminar Center, Vulcan Eifel, Germany

Crises are mounting in social systems and beyond.

Many people question ways of leading that are self-centered, top-down, and assumption-based (with blind spots & biases). We see everywhere how far this has brought us. But we can change. And we can learn to open ourselves to larger contexts and to a very different understanding of leadership and stewardship.

Here is what we know: We do not lead change as much as it leads us. Change follows transformational phases and practices that have been known for time immemorial. "Being cooked" happens in the threshold state when we are not yet the new and no longer the old. This is delicate and at the same time can unfold into a very natural transformational container that allows us to understand and let go. This inner knowing opens a very different practice of leadership. It affects us personally and how we respond to challenges. 

Since 2016, a network of organizational pioneers has gathered annually to explore these other dimensions and understandings. We co-created Leading as Sacred Practice (LASP) as a program to liberate ourselves from our colonized minds and our narrow understanding of leading. We consciously experienced and co-created this phase of "getting cooked" to learn more about deep transformation, real forks in the road, choices, and the types of advocacy involved. We became, in a sense, initiates of the new and the very old, reclaiming the power of ceremonies, place and earth wisdom.

LASP is a school of practice. This is hands-on work, based on solid, anthropological, and widely validated frameworks of thought that make this new school of leadership so applicable.

We invite you to join us all “getting cooked” next September, to widen our mutual understanding and co-create new forms of leadership. Register now.

LASP is for for...

  • Organizational leaders who wish to go deeper into their own experience with and competency to handle change.

  • Consultants, facilitators, and other change agents who want to experience high ceremony and use ceremony in their work.

  • Innovators exploring new ways of thinking, sensing, and collaborating.

  • People who seek to better align their values with their leadership.

  • Anyone actively working to create new social forms to support our transition to a more unified world.

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“Our group developed trust almost immediately, which enabled deep work."

Claire Lachance, CEO Institute of Noetic Sciences, California

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 "Capable leaders held a space that connected us to our future."

Michael Knauf, former executive, new work activist & facilitator, Germany

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"It is precious and rare when such diverse disciplines and practices come together and evolve in community for a higher purpose." 

Mathias Weitbrecht, Visual Facilitators, Germany

Six Ways of Leading as Sacred Practice

In 2021 we explored these LASP Ways. We share about our understanding and push further into practices and principles in our downloadable LASP eBook..

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Become a


Learn how this form really works. Cultivate Circle for new ways of connecting, equalizing, & sharing mutual regard.

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Practice being a


Make contributions to the commons and care for the community as a whole.

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Learn to be


Work with the betwixt & between, where we are no longer the old & not yet the new - the birthplace of a new future.

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Be a


Broaden your experience with how ritual ignites healing & transformation.

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Become a


Experience how to recognize and cultivate physical, emotional, & sacred spaces that call forth our best selves.

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Remember you are a


Practice collaborating with earth wisdom in a humble and deliberate way.

Download the free LASP eBook

The LASP Ensemble

Leading As Sacred Practice was co-created by an ensemble of Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling, and Holger Scholz, who have worked over six years to create strong, open containers for participants’ collective work. This retreat will be facilitated by Gisela, David and Holger without Alan's on-site participation.

They are senior organizational consultants, educators, and authors with deep experience and a passion for working on the edge of their own and the group's learning.

Click on any image below to learn more about them.

LASP working intentions...

Working with archetypal patterns of change, ceremony and ritual to support transformational processes.

Activating the old mind in service of the future that is emerging.

Overcoming collective folly and bringing forth collective wisdom.

Moving from a field of separation to one of interconnectivity.

Authorizing ourselves and each other to step up to social action.

Participant Reflections

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“The notion of “circle” is probably the best way to describe the experience. I had no idea that I would be challenged to the degree I was... Thankfully I chose to accept the opportunity to “go there” in fully embracing the invitation to work through my own leadership challenges and opportunities in such a supportive environment.

I continue to experience the benefits of LASP, including practices that help to bring the sacred into daily life as a leader. I also continue to celebrate the authentic friendships that emerged.”

Claire Lachance, CEO Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Leading in the end is all about helping people lead themselves, and leaders do not lead people, but consciousness" (Götz Werner). I ask myself, how do I lead consciousness? Is this the spiritual dimension of leadership? In our secular world this is an unusual question. LASP offers a protected space for dialogues about the future, the new, and the unknown and it has allowed me to be part of such magical moments again."

Michael Knauf, former executive, new work activist and facilitator, Germany

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"It is a rare occasion when such precious and diverse disciplines and practices come together as they are in this unique event: the individual and the collective, leadership and service to the world, embodiment and embracing the sacredness of nature around us, and business along with consciousness work.

‘Leading As Sacred Practice’ holds a special place in me." 

Mathias Weitbrecht, Visual Facilitators, Germany


LASP Registration

This link takes you to the registration page at kommunikationslotsen in Germany. We are handling payment this way because the fee is in Euros.

Tuition for the Retreat is 1,800 €. We are adding a standard Beuerhof accommodation package for 621,85 €. With 19% vat tax, the total is 2,882.00 €.If you have special needs please communicate directly to Holger's email. (click on the word email).

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Gisela Wendling & David Sibbet

The Global Learning & Exchange Network & The Grove Consultants International

275 Bel Marin Keyes, Suite B

Novato, CA. 94949

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Holger Scholz


Scheidhof 1

53804 Much

Foundation Principles for LASP