Join us for our fourth summit conference at the Beuerhof Seminar Center in Germany, from Sept. 11 to the 15th, 2022


These are times that call for COURAGE, OPTIMISM & REGENERATION...



Help us evolve our understanding of Circle Wizards, Crucible Guardians, Ritual Intercessors, Space Stewards, Natural Natives, and Potent Servant Leaders!

Since 2016, a network of organizational pioneers have been gathering to address the sacred in leadership. In this time of the pandemics and rising concerns over social justice and ethics, we have pushed even further—launching our LASP Exchange series and then committing to a safe and largely outdoor approach back at the Beuerhof Retreat Center in Germany on September 11, 2022.

LASP is a place to support each other as we shed conventions and embrace new forms. Something positive is emerging in our collective consciousness and we want to amplify it. We invite you to join us and co-create this experience.


  • Anyone who is actively working on creating social forms that can support a transition to a more connected world.

  • People who lead group process as consultants, facilitators, and change agents.

  • Organizational leaders who are guiding transformational change.
  • Thought leaders bringing forth new ways of thinking and sensing.

This particular gathering is for adventurous souls who believe we can again have "safe" and appropriate face-to-face gatherings. The oak groves, outdoor spaces, and large rooms at Earthrise will allow this to happen.

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In 2021 we explored these LASP Archetypes. We will renew our understanding and push further into practice and principles for LASP in the world.

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Become a


Learn how this form really works. Cultivate Circle for new ways of connecting, equalizing, & sharing mutual regard.

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Practice being a


Make contributions to the commons and care for the community as a whole.

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Learn to be


Work with the betwixt & between, where we are no longer the old & not yet the new - the birthplace of a new future.

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Be a


Broaden your experience with how ritual ignites healing & transformation.

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Become a


Experience how to recognize and cultivate physical, emotional, & sacred spaces that call forth our best selves.

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Remember you are a


Practice collaborating with earth wisdom in a humble and deliberate way.

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Leading as Sacred Practice is co-facilitated by Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling, and Holger Scholz, who are exploring “ensemble facilitation” to create a strong, open container for participants’ collective work.

They are all senior organizational consultants, educators, and authors with deep experience and a passion for working on the edge of their own and the groups’ learning.

Click on any image below to learn more about the co-conveners of the LASP Summit.


  • Moving from a paradigm of separation to one of connectivity.

  • Working with ritual, circles, and crucibles to amplify coherence, intention, and ecosystem awareness.

  • Activating the old mind in service of the future that is emerging.

  • Overcoming collective folly and bring forth collective wisdom.

  • Authorizing ourselves and each other to step up to social action and transformation.


  • Sharing our accomplishments and challenges with each other.

  • Contributing to a safe and generative space for mutual sense making, moral decision making, and wise action.

  • Visual mapping of our collective experience with the sacred in our work.

  • Working with archetypal patterns of traditional ceremonies and rituals and how to activate them in our lives, work, and with clients.

  • Walking the beauty way and attending to the aesthetics of our leading, facilitating and hosting.

  • Celebrating our connectivity with a transformational perspective that taps into deep life energy.

  • Sharing a sweat ceremony, walking the fields and medicine wheels, sitting in the forest and experiencing the spaciousness of the Beuerhof Seminar Center.
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The summit will create a space for participants to learn from each other. Everyone will have something to share and something new to discover. People who attended prior LASP gatherings have been inspired to stretch out in many new ways. Circle work in large organizations has moved people to think very differently about hierarchy and collaboration.

A network in Poland and Germany is doing very innovative leadership development work. We look forward to hear about these and other applications.

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Leading as Sacred Practice is sponsored by the Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN), a practitioner-oriented action- learning network supported by The Grove Consultants International, partnering with kommunikationslotsen, a German firm pioneering facilitation-oriented organization-consulting methods.


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“The notion of “circle” is probably the best way to describe the experience. I felt that our group developed trust almost immediately, which enabled the deep work and sharing to occur early on in the program. I had no idea that I would be challenged to the degree I was... Thankfully I chose to accept the opportunity to “go there” in fully embracing the invitation to work through my own leadership challenges and opportunities in such a supportive environment.
I continue to experience the benefits of LASP, including practices that help to bring the sacred into daily life as a leader. I also continue to celebrate the authentic friendships that emerged from this transformative week together.”
Claire Lachance, CEO Institute of Noetic Sciences
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“Leading in the end is all about helping people lead themselves, and leaders do not lead people, but consciousness" (Götz Werner). I ask myself, how do I lead consciousness? Is this the spiritual dimension of leadership? In our secular world this is an unusual question. In my 19 years as a leader, I have repeatedly experienced magical moments that I could not explain.
For example, I have experienced good leaders being able to hold a space that connects us to the source of the future, the new, the unknown. LASP offers a protected space for dialogues about such phenomena and it has allowed me to be part of such magical moments again."
Michael Knauf, former corporate executive, new work activist and facilitator, Germany
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"It is a rare occasion when such precious and diverse disciplines and practices come together as they are in this unique event:
the individual and the collective, leadership and service to the world, embodiment and embracing the sacredness of nature around us, and business along with consciousness work.
‘Leading As Sacred Practice’ holds a special place in me and I can highly recommend it to all those that truly want to evolve in community for a higher purpose." 
Mathias Weitbrecht, Visual Facilitators, Germany


The summit price is being determined

Room-and-board charges will be additional and will vary depending on your room choice:

The summit begins at 3pm Sunday September 11, 2022 and will end on Thursday in the early afternoon, allowing time for travel.

Participants should plan to be present the whole time. Time alone and time with the land will be encouraged and supported. Activities taking place in the early morning and evenings will be announced at the conference.

We understand that people have differing economic situations. We have several partial scholarships available. If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship, have questions about registration, the early bird discounts, and travel logistics, etc., or have specific questions about the summit please send an email to [email protected].


Click here for a map and photos of the Beuerhof. Having a special connection to the land proved important in our last three gatherings. For our 2022 conference, we have chosen to return to the Beuerhof Seminar Center in Germany, a special site for those of us who have been participating in the LASP program. It is in the Vulcan Eifel in Germany, south of Cologne and west of Frankfurt.  The food is all organic and sensitive to different needs. We will share a beautiful communal dining room. We stay in rooms in the large main house and some in cabins. There are several medicine circles and places to walk and meditate. 


The Ensemble is determining costs and registration details. 

Mark your calendars for September 11-15, 2022 and stay tuned.

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Gisela Wendling & David Sibbet

The Global Learning & Exchange Network & The Grove Consultants International

1000 O’Reilly Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129

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Alan Briskin

721 Calmar Avenue
Oakland CA 94610

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Holger Scholz


Scheidhof 1

53804 Much

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