Sourcecode Project

Purpose of the Sourcecode Project

A number of GLEN members are students of various frameworks of thinking that hold out the promise of seeing wholes and parts in an integrated way, and coming back to a more complete view of the human experience. Heiko Veit is deeply involved in a new developmental theory called Stages International. Joran Oppelt lives and breathes Ken Wilbur's integral theory. I have worked with the Theory of Process for 45 plus years. Out of our conversations has emerged the idea of making the gathering and understanding of these a part of our GLEN inquiry. This page is a beginning.

Sourcecode in computing is the English language instructions for writing machine code, which operates the computer. This metaphor, applied to collaboration, points to the written and  diagramed  understandings of basic principles that then guide us in our specific enactments of those understandings. Sourcecode that embraces a holistic, integrative perspective may be key too achieving more widespread collaborative capability. This project is to identify and describe the most promising examples available in our current situation. It is also to come to understand the flaws in our current social sourceode that allows us to perpetuate a society that is literally killilng the Earth not to mention each other.

How to Contribute

  • Participate in the Learning & Applying the Theory of Process Course in the Learning Materials area.
  • Let me know if you are knowledgeable about other integrative frameworks like:

       — Theory U

       — Spiral Dynamics

       — Stages 

       — The Enneagram

       — Integral Theory

       — The Kabbalah

       — Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

 You are welcome to create some learning materials we will link with as we move foreward.


Theory of Process

Arthur M. Young's TOP integrates modern science and engineering with mystical understandings about consciousness and describes the archetypal pattern that is embodied by any process that can evolve. It is the operating system underlying The Grove Consultants International's suite of process leadership frameworks and tools.

Learn about TOP

Theory U

Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute use this framework to organize their thinking about the importance of integrating mind, heart, will, and presence. Karolina Iwa has worked extensively with this model.

Theory U on Wikipedia

Spiral Dynamics

Psychologist Clare Graves defined a series of stages in evolutionary development, which have been elaborated by his students, Don Beck and Chris Cowan. This Next Evolution site explains the theory.

More Information

Integral Theory

Joran Oppelt describes Integral Theory as a self-proclaimed “theory of everything” from psychologist/philosopher Ken Wilber in the 1970s. It attempts to synthesize eastern religious traditions with western structural stage theory and includes various models of psychology and stage development. Wilber's AQAL framework (“All Quadrants All Levels”) incorporates ontology, epistemology, and methodology and draws on the theories of Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, Alfred North Whitehead, and many others.

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Stages International

Heiko Veit is working with this integration of Integral Theory with psychology developmental theories.

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Reinventing Organization

Frederick Laloux's influential book Reinventing Organization inspired this application. Laloux uses Spiral Dynamics as an organizing framework but did not flesh it out in this detail. 

Reinventing Org Map

Our Facilitator

David Sibbet is the informal facilitator of this collaboration. He writes books, blogs, and learning materials, and support the GLEN with a good bit of writing.

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