GLEN Learning Resources

Here we have GLEN-produced self-paced learning modules, downloadable material resources available to the public, and curated website links and reviews relating to the various topics we are studying.

Virtual Self-Paced Learning 

GLEN Learning Modules

These self-paced digital resources are not highly designed courses, but learning journeys and documentation crafted from the Exchanges and Collaborations. In many cases, like the screen shot shown here on the Theory of Process, include video presentations from the Exchanges without the personal comments of participants. In addition practical, experiential exercises and best practices have been added. Your comments on these modules will help the authors continue to evolve their material.

Overview of Modules

Learning Materials

Articles, Graphic Maps & Models, White Papers, Videos, Books in some cases

Many of The GLEN's Exchanges and Collaborations include downloadable resources we would like to share more widely. The items here are open for your to use, with restrictions specified in the various documents. 

Link to Materials

Links to Related Networks

Other Resources You Can Access 

Birthing a new paradigm of collaboration is going to require that networks network. GLEN members are linking out to other networks that are resonating with similar intention. We have created links to those we have relationships with. The links are continually evolving.

Links to Other Websites


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