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Our Purpose

Welcome and thank you for considering becoming a member of the Global Learning & Exchange Network or GLEN, as we call it. 

The GLEN was formed to catalyze collaboration among leaders, organizations and communities and to explore the evolution of collaborative practice. It has evolved to being a place where we can simultaneously provide witness to each other and lean into the questions at the edge of our practices.

Because many members are writers and designers we have become a publishing collaborative for what we are calling "awakening projects." As an incubator for leaders, creatives, organizers & facilitators, both emerging and established, we share a passion to lifelong learning and contributing to change. 

We support each other. Activities arise from members. We spend time investing in our relationships and trust. And our global membership and concern for marginalized voices is inviting our collective awareness to expand beyond normal boundaries and take the interconnectedness of all people on our planet seriously.

Types of GLEN members. 


GLEN Network Members are those signing up for receiving our newsletter and offering notifications. They can attend free events and all fee-based workshops.

GLEN CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS  pay a basic fee of $250 a year and participate free in Exchanges that explore meaningful inquiries suggested by members. They also join Collaboration projects​ to take action on key issues, and enjoy access to the online Learning  Resources and participate in networking Forums. This base fee is necessary to fund essential services. Contributing members are encouraged to  become Sustaining Members since we are a non-profit.

GLEN SUSTAINING MEMBERS are those who are annually donating $1000 or more annually. They have the satisfaction of helping the GLEN financially, design and lead GLEN Exchanges and Collaborations, author GLEN Learning Materials and help evolve The GLEN’s direction. While The GLEN is not a traditional school, Sustaining Members are, in effect, the "beating heart" of The GLEN. People become Sustaining Members on their own volition as an outgrowth of direct involvement.  

Members are connected through online Exchanges, personal gatherings, workshop participation, and a regular newsletter sharing about projects, successes, and areas of inquiry.

GLEN Contributng Member Benefits

  1. Finding support from a network of people from around the world committed to positive change
  2. Participating in free face-to-face and virtual Exchanges with experienced process leaders, authors, and other members on a wide range of “awakening” topics
  3. Having access to learning and tools for collaboration.
  4. Having access to affordable, self-paced, member-created materials and videos.
  5. Ability to use the GLEN infrastructure to offer relevant fee-based workshops and sharing revenue with The GLEN.
  6. Discounts on Grove Tools.

Susataining Members share these benefits.

GLEN Sustaining Member Benefits

  1. Meeting more frequently and co-witnessing each other's development.
  2. Designing and leading Exchanges on topics at the edge of your personal and professional development.
  3. Learning to create “crucibles” in the form of safe, designed spaces and processes to do the work of changing now
  4. Collaborating on change projects, and having a collective impact on real-world challenges
  5. Collaborating on new books, workshops, and integrative theories
  6. Having a digital infrastructure for co-creation.
  7. Sharing learning with the larger network and helping propagate new methods of collaboration.
  8. Receiving discounts on member-offered workshops and programs that have fees.
  9. Knowing that you are supporting a hopeful example of having collective impact on social issues.
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We hold weekly open Zoom calls that will provide you with a GLEN experience. If you would like to know more before applying, then get in touch with us personally at [email protected]

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