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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Global Learning & Exchange Network, or The GLEN

The GLEN was formed to evolve collaborative practice so we can be better prepared to rise to the challenges we face. In this peer-learning community we lead with generosity and lean into inquiry as we learn together.

Our community is for leaders, creatives, organizers & facilitators, both emerging and established, who share a passion for lifelong learning and an intention to make a positive contribution to our world.

We invest in community and explore both the possibilities as well as the responsibilities that arise from our interconnectedness.

The GLEN cannot survive on membership fees alone; your generosity and makes our work possible. If you believe the world needs more and better collaborations, and that supportive community accelerates personal growth and collective impact, please consider making a donation today.

Join us! Here's how:


GLEN Network includes anyone who signs up to receive our newsletter and  pays full price to attend our events. 


GLEN MEMBERS pay $200 annually for full access to peer-learning, professional support, networking, service opportunities, and learning resources throughout the year. They attend  exchanges for free — and can host exchanges to tap into the collective wisdom of our practitioner network. 

They also enjoy discounted access to in-depth workshops and have full access to our online Learning  Resources and networking forums. 


GLEN DONORS are leading supporters of this peer-learning community. They donate annually to support our efforts to evolve collaborative practice so we can rise to the challenges we face as a human community. 


Join The GLEN

To join our network , simply register here as a member with our fee of $200. We will send you the formal member pages you can read in your GLEN Library with all our policies and practices.

Then add


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We invite you to join one of our weekly Zoom calls to get a sense of the GLEN community. For questions or more information, you can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

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