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Welcome and thank you for considering becoming a member of the Global Learning & Exchange Network or GLEN, as we call it. 

The GLEN was formed to catalyze collaboration among leaders, organization and communities and to explore and contribute to the evolution of collaborative practice and collective action across all levels of human systems to help address the significant challenges of our time. 

Members are committed to supporting each other as collaborative practitioners. Activities arise from members. We are purposely spending time making sure real relationships and trust develop as we grow.

The GLEN includes internal and external organization consultants, visual and virtual facilitators, HR professionals, team-development professionals, strategy consultants, community organizers, social activists, artists, scholar practitioners, and public- and private-sector leaders and managers interested in collaborative practice. It includes both experienced practitioners and individuals new to the field of collaboration.

GLEN members can initiate and join Exchanges to explore meaningful topics, join Collaboration projects​ to take acton on key issues, and contribute to the creation of online Learning  Resources that share insights and practices more widely.

GLEN Member Benefits

  1. Network with a committed, supportive community in countries around the world
  2. Share insights and experience at the edges of your practice
  3. Participate in a virtual space for global connection and collaboration
  4. Collaborate on projects, and experience collective impact on real-world challenges.
  5. Live Exchanges with experienced process leaders, authors, and other members
  6. Learn through virtual and face-to-face Exchanges
  7. Share learning and tools for collaboration
  8. Access self-paced, member-created materials and videos

GLEN Values

The GLEN embraces values that support collaboration.

  1. We care about differences and learning across boundaries.
  2. We care about mutual respect, openness to new ideas, staying sensitive to context, and valuing spirit, soul, mind and body.
  3. We intend to be exploratory, supporting inquiry, dialogue and real community.
  4. While being “seen” by other members is a deep value, The GLEN is not intended as a marketing platform.

The GLEN will push the edges of visual and dialogic practice, biasing toward thinking systemically while acting collaboratively. We are encouraging members to write, create media, and globally share experiences and learning, remaining sensitive to culture values. 

Attend a GLEN Information Exchange

We hold periodic Zoom Exchanges to provide an orientation to The GLEN's purpose, members, and activities. If you would like to know more before applying, then please sign up for one of these session or get directly in touch at [email protected]

GLEN Info Exchange

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