Help Visualize Community Resilience


 What could be visualized that could help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from challenges like wildfires, floods, strong wind storms and other impacts of global warming. We want to gather a group of visualizers to work on creating some possibilites, and then with strong concepts go raise some money to produce and distribute them to communities in need.

Our Process

1. Gather a group of visual practitioners interested in community resilience.

2. Hold some Exchanges to agree on initial projects. (Invite some outside resources to these to catalyze thinking).

3. Organization some design thinking sessions in full or subgroups depending on what we choose.

4. Use the concept drafts to generate some foundation proposals for funding Community Resilience Kits.

This collaboration is for you if..

  • You'd are a VISUAL PRCTITIONER interested in community resilience.

  • You would like to work with two leaders in the visual practice field.

  • You really like tough information design challenges.

  • You are interested in learning material design and self-paced learning.

Early Concepts

Collaboration Hosts

Phil Bakelaar

Philip Bakelaar is President and founding member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Institute has been a member of IFVP and a board member since the 2015. He is also a long-time GLEN member. 
Dr. Bakelaar holds a PhD in Rhetoric and Communication from Temple University and has been an adjunct professor at Montclair State University since 1992.
He serves on many nonprofit boards and is founder of The IFVP Institute. His base full time work is as a parish clergy within the Reformed Church in America for the past 37 years. 

David Sibbet

David Sibbet is co-director the GLEN and founder and CEO of The Grove Consultants International, well-known for its pioneering work in visualization tools. He has been the author of many books on the subject and many of the Grove's how-to guides. He is trained in magazine journalism. 
David and Phil has been enjoying a writing collaboration through The GLEN bloggers, and felt that a collaboration around their love of visualizing could support the Wildfire and Community Resilience Project.

Are You A Socially Conscious Information Designer?

Filling out this form will result in having a talk with David or Phil about joining this team. Please share your experience with media production, conceptual design, community development, ecology, or learning materials development.