Catalyzing Systemic Transformation

A rigorous cohort-based action learning experience for committed organization leaders and consultants

Spring of 2023 to Summer of 2024

Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., & David Sibbet

A Master Level Experience: Our world needs as many capable change leaders as possible in these challenging times. We believe these skills are developed most effectively when a cohort of committed learners work together over a longer period of time. This program is designed to build a strong peer learning environment for mutually supportive organization change leaders and consultants through a combination of four residential retreats, online video sessions, triads, and coaching on participant change projects.

Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., and David Sibbet will co-lead all sessions, with involvement of other successful practitioners with relevant expertise. Participants will learn to design, lead, facilitate, and support transformational processes across all phases of systemic change. They will introduce and practice the latest dialogic, and visual collaborative methods grounded in Gisela's extensive research in liminal change processes and organizational development practice, and David's applications of the Theory of Process and his extensive work as a visual consultant in all manner of organizations. Both are experienced designers and leaders of student-centered, experience-based action learning programs. Gisela led a masters program in organizational development at Sonoma State. David led the Coro Center's Fellowship in Public Affairs for many years, and helped design leadership programs at several large organizations. They have co-led many workshops on leading change and have consulted together on large-scale system change projects for more than 10 years.

Gisela and David's approach is peer and action learning at its best. They will support participants in working on projects with real impact and importance in addition to having participants plan, facilitate, and learn from mini-workshops on important topics. This program will assuredly result in rich development of your competency to design and lead change. 

The Seven Challenges of ChangeTM framework shown here will be central to the programs design, along with the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change FrameworkTM. Their co-authored Wiley & Sons book, Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change, will be a core resource, along with many other materials. Participants will have full access to this and other GLEN and Grove resources during the program.

Please Reach Out. This program will have a limited enrollment. Fill out the Expression of Interest form below and you will be contacted directly to learn about the curriculum, costs and other details.

Expression of Interest in Leading Change