GLEN Stewardship Circle Created

leadership development peer learning for faciliators Dec 06, 2023

We have a new Stewardship Circle in The GLEN. On Nov 1 and Nov 30 The GLEN Community held video meetings to talk about The GLEN's future now that Krista can no longer be supported as a full-time program director, and David Sibbet is stepping back a bit to support The Grove Consultants International transition to Gisela Wendling becoming CEO. The meetings were facilitated by Krista Bremer and John Schinnerer and were rich and interactive, as GLEN meetings usually are.

In the second meeting John proposed experimenting with a sociocratic process to select a Stewardship Circle to take over responsibility for member-sourced and facilitated programming. Phil Bakelaar, Kathryn Gonzalez, Babajide Agboola, Luci McKean and Jerry Change were proposed as the starting circle, and were approved by consent by all members. Their charge is to meet and propose what kinds of other circles are needed to keep the member-programming running. They are also charged with meeting with The Grove team to establish clear working agreements and authorities. 

Phil Bakelaar is an adjunct professor of communication at Montclair State University in New Jersey and full time pastor of The Reformed Church in America Company. He is also president of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and their non-profit, the IFVP Institute.

Kathryn Gonzalez is an inner mastery coach and facilitator from Bemidji, Minnesota. She is dedicated to helping women who are tired of waiting for the world to change embody the changes the world needs so they become a presence that makes a difference.

Babajide Agboola is a Nigerian ecotourism activist developing concepts for domestic tourism in Nigeria. He knows David Sibbet through the National Parks Institute leadership program David helped facilitate. 

Luci McKean is