The GLEN Roundtable

Monday Oct 24 9:00 to 11:00pm PST;  12pm EST; 1800 CET



The Roundtable is a space for GLEN members to consult with colleagues and tap into collective wisdom for new perspectives, inventive approaches, or innovative solutions.  If you’re grappling with a leadership challenge, we invite you to join us and discover what a tremendous resource this community can be. And if not, we welcome you to lead with generosity by showing up to listen well and lean into inquiry as we explore possibilities together.

The Presencing Institute Case Clinic Process


The Case Clinic Coaching Circles is a simple technique where we sit together in small groups and listen to the case giver.  As the case giver shares, each participant becomes a coach. The invitation is for the case giver to share a current challenge in which they are the protagonist (we’re not sharing about a problem someone else is going through). In the description of the challenge, the case giver also shares their highest hope for the situation, a perspective of the stakeholders in the challenge, and where they see a learning edge for themselves. As the case giver shares their story, the coaches (other participants) drop into a deeper level of listening. This means that they are not just listening for facts or in order to be able to repeat back the information they just heard. Rather, the listener tunes into the highest potential of the person facing this challenge.

The next step is to sit for a couple of minutes in stillness, attending to the images, thoughts, and gestures that might arise within us.
Following the two minutes of stillness, each of the coaches shares what came up for them in a process we call mirroring. Mirroring does not provide a guide as to what the case giver should do next. Rather, it provides a perspective or a lens on the situation. The group has become a multi-faceted gem in which alchemy can occur.The effects of the coaching circle are not just for the case giver. In every coaching circle session, coaches also go through a learning process.
Facilitation:  Each session will be facilitated by an experiened GLEN Member. This first one will be attended by Krista Bremer, David Sibbet, and David Papa.