How to Join the GLEN Writers

Purpose of the GLEN Writers

A number of GLEN members who write regularly have been meeting to share book chapters, blog posts, and other writing. We have decided to become an active writers group and write pieces together using simple prompts. This collaboration is a writing support group that meets every other week. It's purpose is to support each other as writers, share our work, and receive really good input on what resonates with our colleagues.



Our Protocol

  1. GLEN members who are working specific pieces of writing and want to share can bring their work to the group.

  2. Each session begins with a check-in.

  3. The group will then write for 10-15 minutes following a simple prompt.

  4. Everyone reads his or her writing and invites feedback about what touched them n the writing. (These are not polished pieces so we are very careful with feedback). 

  5. Pre-written pieces are uploaded to Google Docs to allow everyone to scroll and take notes.

  6. The author then reads the piece while everyone listens and reads.

  7. A first go-around answers the question—"What is resonating for you about this piece?"
  8. A second go around answers the question—"What do you wish were in the piece or left out?" 

This collaboration is for you if..

  • You actually do write or intend to write.
  • You want to feel the support of a writing group.
  • You don't need to be at any particular level of capability--it's more about your commitment.
  • You are willing to be open, flexible, and respectful of the fact that writing is a tough process for most people and feelings are involved. 


Meetings are 8:30 to 10:00 am. Pacific every other Monday. Schedule is available when you request participation.

Our Facilitator

David Sibbet is the informal facilitator of this collaboration. He writes books, poems, learning materials, and blogs and supports the GLEN with a good bit of writing.

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