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Mapping the Mystery: Stages International Model with Heiko Veit

This is first in a series of conversations with inspiring colleagues about mental models that help them — and might help you—orient to the unknown in your personal and professional life. 

Heiko is a long-time GLEN member who is an expert on developmental theory. His background as a therapist and now a change consultant leads him to understand the practical aspects of comprehensive models like Stage International. He is currently translating it into German.

David and he have had extended conversations in the past about this model and its relationships to the Theory of Process, a foundational integrative theory that Heiko has found very useful as another window through which to understand the importance of this work.

David invited Heiko as a first discussant because of their shared belief that having familiarity with developmental models is essential to contemporary change consulting work.

These Exchanges will be interactive and visually facilitated. Participants will receive material on the maps and copies of what is created during the workshop. 

This series and many other learning and networking opportunities are free for GLEN Members, so join the GLEN today.