The GLEN Organization

Stewardship Circle


In the Fall of 2023 The GLEN's membership elected five members to be a Stewardship Circle, responsible for supporting member-sourced Exchanges and other programs. They are still in the process of organizing themselves, but are assisting with the website, announcements, and support for the GLEN Café.

As their guidelines develop we will post them here.

Relationship to The Grove Consultants International

 The Grove is a consulting firm established in the 1970s with a purpose of helping visionary leaders realize change. It began The GLEN as an R&D and community arm. For a period of time it operated as a separate non-profit, but funding was not sufficient to sustain this, so it has reverted to being an informal arm of The Grove, with it's own member-generated programs and some Grove programs. David Sibbet, The Grove founder is an active participant.

Attend a GLEN Café

We invite you to join one of our weekly Zoom calls to get a sense of the GLEN community. For questions or more information, you can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

Zoom link to our Friday café


c/o The Grove Consultants International
245 Bel Marin Keys, Suite B
Novato, CA. 94949


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