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LASP e-Book Download

Six Ways of Knowing & Leading 

The Leading as Sacred Practice Ensemble—Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling and Holger Scholz— created a free eBook during the pandemic that shares what they learned in their annual Leading As Sacred Practice gatherings and Exchanges. It includes:

  • Descriptions of the Six Ways — Servant Leaders, Circle Wizards, Natural Natives, Crucible Guardians, and Ritual Intercessors
  • Questions that will help guide both your inner and outer work.
  • Overview of LASP Foundation Practices
  • Introduction and links to the Ensemble-- Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling and Holger Scholz

Imagine that you can lead others in adjusting and adapting to our changing times in a new way, holding your leadership as a sacred practice, with expanded awareness, and a deepened sense of connection and guidance.

The LASP Ensemble was supported by the Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN), a collaboration arm of The Grove Consultants dedicated to catalyzing connection and collaboration among leaders, organizations, and communities to better face the big issues of our times.