Developing Your Vision For the New Year

January 11, 8-10:30 am PST/ 11-1:30 pm EST/ 5-7:30 pm CET


In these volatile times, a strong vision is more important than ever. Personal clarity can lead you to a better future — and fortify you against lesser visions of politicians, corporations, and other influences.  It can also guide you through times when fear shrinks your imagination.  

Are you ready to go beyond reactivity, release your sleepwalking assumptions and routines, and reclaim your right to thrive? This workshop will ignite creativity connected with higher purpose. The intention of this exchange is to support your journey through uncertainty, to possibility, to manifestation. 

Please come prepared with multiple colored markers, lots of blank paper, and your 2022 calendar so you can look back on your past year.

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Mathias Weitbrecht

Mathias is the founder of Visual Facilitators, a Hamburg-based visual practitioner network. He is also a longtime meditator and GLEN member. Among other things he has graphically recorded many of Thomas Hübl's sessions on global social witnessing and trauma healing.