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Sweet Darkness – A Poem by David Whyte

Sweet Darkness When your eyes are tired the world is tired also. When your vision has gone no part of the world can find you. Time to go into the dark where the night has eyes to recognize its own. There you can be sure you are not beyond love. The dark will be your…

Gisela Wendling 12/27/18 12/27/18
LASP 2016 Report from Beuerhof Farm Germany

This PDF contains photos and charts from the week-long initial Leading as Sacred Practice Retreat at Holger Scholz’s Beuerhof Farm in the Vulcan Eifel region of Germany.

David Sibbet 10/19/17 09/15/18
3 Examples of Village Crafts: (1) carved wooden mortar; (2) woven cap; (3) basket and spoon

Here are three examples of village crafts: A mortar carved from wood; a cap and a basket woven from reeds or other material (and a carved wooden spoon in the basket).

Marc Tognotti 07/25/18 07/25/18
Hand-Drawn Maps: Mpika Region and Town; Mukungule Chiefdom; Kaluba Village

Here are some images of maps drawn by hand by local people of the region, nearby town, local chiefdom and village.  (Apologies for the poor image quality).  

Marc Tognotti 07/25/18 07/25/18
Villager’s Drawings: Symbols for each Conservancy Activity Program

We asked each Conservancy team to discuss its team’s vision and purpose. Then we invited all of the members to draw a symbol representing that purpose.  Here are the simple drawings that they came up with.  (I’m also adding a drawing of an axe, a hoe and a hut that came from discussion of symbols…

Marc Tognotti 07/25/18 07/25/18
Signs of Success, Shame and Pride in the Bisa Villages; and The Chief’s Role

Here is a transcript of conversations about: (1) village symbols of manhood, security, success & status, and (2) the role of the Chief. I transcribed these statements of Hammer Simwinga and Allan Chungu in response to questions I asked seeking insights into the minds of indigenous farmers. (See below and attached Word document)     Signs of achievement,…

Marc Tognotti 07/25/18 07/25/18
10th Dot’s Scope for Change begins with Healthcare Safety and quickly influences Global Health
Vonda Vaden Bates 06/12/17 05/11/18 10th Dot, Ego and Nervous System Navigation, Healthcare, Meditation, Mindfulness, Safety
Women in Power – A talk given by Mary Beard

In this talk Mary Beard reflects on points she also makes in her book Woman & Power – A Manifesto in which she traces the origins of misogyny to their ancient roots. The talk is nearly 2 hours long but allows for a much needed deeper exploration of the ways woman are seen, heard or silenced…

Gisela Wendling 01/11/18 03/14/18
CAFÉ Planning Call Notes

These are notes from our first 2018 planning call with Teresa Ruelas.

David Sibbet 01/18/18 01/18/18
Visual Facilitation Field Guide Mockup

Here is a version of the design from our talented design team, as of 12-15-17.

David Sibbet 12/19/17 12/22/17
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