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Mapping the Field of Visual Practice 8-21-18

This second video was created after the Denmark IFVP conference sharing the experience with GLEN members.

David Sibbet 02/21/20 02/21/20
Mappping the Field of Visual Practice 6-25-18

This video was created during the Exchange lead by Mathias Weitbrecht and David Sibbet preparing to create a map to the world of Visual Facilitation for the International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference in Denmark in 2018. If provides some context for the new Exchange on Exploring the Field of Visual Practice in a more…

David Sibbet 02/21/20 02/21/20
S#2 Theory of Process; Notes on Two-Fold and Four-Fold

Here is a pdf of the call notes for our second session on the Theory of Process. It includes all the Mural worksheets we created, only two of which we reviewed.

David Sibbet 02/10/20 02/10/20
A video about fractals

Not sure if this link will work but this is a great interview with the “founder” of fractals also  

Philip Joseph Bakelaar 02/10/20 02/10/20
S#1—Theory of Process Overview Notes 1-13-20

Here are the notes from zoom call in Session #1 of the Theory of Process.

David Sibbet 02/09/20 02/09/20
Arthur M. Young Videos

Please click here to see the Arthur M. Young video library created by Arthur Bloch in the 1970s and 1980s. You can also see the hour long documentary The Reflexive Universe by clicking here.

David Sibbet 02/09/20 02/09/20
Theory of Process Booklet by Jack Saloma

Attached here is a pdf written by one of Arthur M. Young’s most serious student, Jack Saloma.

David Sibbet 02/09/20 02/09/20
The Reflexive Universe by Arthur M. Young

The Reflexive Universe is Arthur M. Young’s seminal book. Click here for a link to Amazon if you want to buy the book.

David Sibbet 02/09/20 02/09/20
Resources Radically Real Facilitation
Leeza Steindorf 11/15/19 11/15/19
Facilitating On-Line

Here is a writeup by Nancy White, a long time facilitators, about facilitating on-line.

David Sibbet 11/15/19 11/15/19
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