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Shadow Play: A monthly game of turning darkness into light

Next Session Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

THEME: Projection and Othering

Time: 10 -11:30 am PST/ 1-2:30 pm EST/ 7-8:30 pm CET

Our biggest obstacle to change is our shadow: all we resist, deny, or cannot see or feel. By learning to work and play with this energy, we might transform dark into light and shadow into flow.

In this monthly series with executive coach and improv performer David Papa, we’ll examine the shadow aspects of individual and collective life for the sake of our freedom, evolution, and capability to create positive change. We’ll play with conditioned patterns and unconscious stuckness so these might be transmuted into new insights, behaviors, and contributions to family, community, and career. And we'll laugh along the way.  

What you'll need for each session:  curiosity,  compassion, creativity, and to not take yourself, or any of this, too seriously. 

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