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Love and Work: A conversation with Michael Regan about deeper levels of transformation

Wednesday, June 21 

10 -12 pm PST/1-3 pm EST/ 7-9 pm CET

When some people hear the word love they think of emotion, or romance or sentimentality. Or they associate love with
their personal, not professional lives. But what if love awakens our greatest gifts and calls us to what we have come here to be and do? What if love is the great disruptor – burning through our veils of denial, shaking us awake from sleepwalking routines, unifying us in a polarizing time? What if love is the inexhaustible creative fuel that we need to support real change in the world? This invitation to place love at the center of our lives and work will be facilitated by Michael Regan, a speaker, consultant, and guide who explores where leadership and innovation meet the deepest potential of love.

Michael Regan is a speaker, consultant, and guide who blends pioneering leadership work with the revelation of an intrinsic, divine Self — a bold, intimate adventure that takes us into new frontiers in our engagement with a rapidly changing world. Since 2002, Michael has been sharing his work in the United States and Canada, including weeklong gatherings in the canyons of southeastern Utah. Michael’s consulting clients have included the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Businesses for Social Responsibility, Eureka Communities, and The Global Fund for Children. He holds degrees in Economics from Boston College (’84) and Public Policy from Duke University (’89).  In this conversation, he'll facilitate an exploration of how love can transform our lives and our work. 

(For more information about Michael, visit www.

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