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Hosting the Chrysalis

A process-oriented exploration of embodied leadership.

Date/time: Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29,  Dec 13, 0-12 pm PST/1-3 pm EST/7-9 pm CET

This course will include six biweekly sessions of 1.5 hours each, followed by questions and community. Engagement and reflection on new content will continue between sessions. 

Cost: $1,250 per person

GLEN members will receive a 20 percent discount, or $250 off this course. 

What is the world asking of leadership now? It may be that a leader’s greatest contribution today is to create and sustain transformational relational spaces. Like a chrysalis hosts the caterpillar’s metamorphosis, transformational leaders create spaces for others to enter the darkness of the unknown, navigate uncertainty, and emerge with inspired new forms and expressions of what is wanted, needed, and evolutionary. Creating and sustaining such extraordinary spaces, and experiencing transformation inside of one, will be our process-oriented exploration and journey. We will integrate presence, attunement, and emergence in a relational space that invites wisdom-resourced leadership, grounded action, integral embodiment, and transformative engagement.

Myron Lowe, M.S.Ed, CPC is a transformational leadership coach and consultant. As a coach, he works with executive leaders to cultivate transformative awareness and create environments of shared learning, adaptive wise action, and collective progress. As a consultant, he works with teams, organizations, and communities to generate vitality, wellbeing, creative collaboration, and extraordinary results. Myron has transformed leaders and organizations, as co-creation, using natural and whole-system principles to navigate complex challenges with purposeful engagement, deepened awareness and expanded capacity into untapped creativity and potential. He brings to his work background a master’s in educational psychology including counseling, group dynamics, and personal development. Certificates and engagement include relationship and coherence building; embodied self-awareness; and trauma-informed leadership in teams and organizations. His executive leadership experience spans over 20 years in strategic planning and collaborative initiatives.

Myron is passionate about courageous conversations, generative engagement, and authentic leadership as an inner and outer journey.