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Global Challenges: A Guided Exploration of Reactive Patterns

With Mathias Weitbrecht

Date:  Nov 20 Time: 9-11 am PST/12-2 pm EST/6-8 pm CET

Reactive patterns are one reason we can't create more coordinated responses to global challenges. Certain information may send us into overwhelm, denial, numbness, or absence. The purpose of this exchange will be to become more conscious of our reactive patterns to challenging information as we broaden our perspective on climate change. Mathias Weitbrecht will first present an alternative perspective, including additional causes that amend the current discourse of CO2 being the sole cause of global warming. Then he will guide us through a mindful exploration of this new perspective on global warming — and together we will become aware of our embodied reactions that may undermine our individual and collective engagement with this issue.

Mathias Weitbrecht, founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH, is a European pioneer in the field of visual facilitation and strategy visualization. He has been developing products, business models and team solutions since 2005. Visual Facilitators GmbH comprises a team of 35 visual strategists, facilitators and graphic recorders. They specialize in delivering client-centric B2B solutions in strategic visioning, learning and change maps, and meeting visuals.

As a lover of aesthetics and visual inspiration, his creativity is nourished by an awareness of and connectedness with the inner and outer worlds. His full creative power flows when including all of the interiors, energies and transformative powers that life offers. He considers his ability to take in massive amounts of information as well as small details and inherent patterns as a gift. And having lived in or traveled to eighty different countries, Mathias brings a truly global perspective to his work.  He loves to support others — especially the young generation.