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Mapping the Mystery: Philosophies of Change

The Mapping the Mystery: Philosophies of Change is a twelve-month series of conversations with inspiring colleagues about mental models that help them — and might help you—orient to the unknown in your personal and professional life. These are all people who have inspired me in my work on integrated theory, stemming from a desire to support a non-binary, reciprocal, and holistic worldview for our times. (The banner image is a map I co-created with Mathias Weitbrecht for the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.) 

The initial programs are as follows:

Heiko Veit/Developmental Models  

April 12 11-1 PST/2-4 EST/8-10 CET

Joran Oppelt/Integral Theory 

May 17 9-10:30 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

Gisela Wendling/Liminal Pathways 

June 14 9-10:30 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

Firehawk Hulin/Medicine Wheel  

July 12 9-10:30 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

Steven Clark/ Appreciative Inquiry 

August 16 9-10:30 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

 Phil Bakelaar/ The Scriptures

Sept Date and time TBD. 1

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