Neuropsychology of Collaboration & Design Exchange Series

Mary Gelinas, David Sibbet, and Bill Bancroft launched their six part series on the Neuropsychology of Collaboration & Design on Tuesday, February 12. It will continue once a month. As part of this process, David is helping Mary visualize the concepts involved in wonderful design thinking sessions before the exchange.Here is an example from the initial Exchange. It illustrates Mary’s finding that current research indicates the brain works with inter connecting networks, and that the concepts of specific parts of the brain holding these functions is a bit outdated (i.e. seeing the amygdala as operating as a unit). it appears that the networks link different parts of the brain, and also influence each other,

These, with links to the videos and the five session conducted last year are all being posted in the Neuropsychology of Collaboration & Design Collaboration. Members who want to be added to this collaboration and help with working with this material to shape it into Learning Journeys, articles, books and other shareable formats can contact David to be added, Mary has already been asked by Steve Cady to submit a chapter on this topic to his Change Handbook project.