Mapping the Mystery: Philosophies of Change

A monthly conversation series about integrative mental models that orient us to the unknown.

 Upcoming Dates: April 12 and May 17. Time: 11-1 pm PST, 2-4 pm EST, 8-10 pm CET

Throughout time people have used theoretical frameworks to navigate uncertainty and make sense of the mystery, like David did above regarding visual practice.

In this new series David Sibbet, founder of Grove Consultants International and co-founder of The GLEN, will talk to inspiring colleagues about mental models they rely on to orient to the unknown. These interactive sessions will be graphically facilitated. In addition to leaving the session with better understanding for their own journey, participants will also receive a map of the model that was discussed. 

Upcoming conversations include Heiko Veit on the STAGES International developmental model; Joran Oppelt on Integral Theory; Gisela Wendling on her Liminal Pathways Model;  and Firehawk Hulin on the Medicine Wheel. Scroll down to register for our upcoming conversations. 

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Upcoming Programs 

Heiko Veit/Developmental Models  

April 12 11-1 PST/2-4 EST/8-10 CET

Joran Oppelt/Integral Theory 

May 17 9-10:30 PST/12-1:30 EST/6-7:30 CET

Gisela Wendling/Liminal Pathways 

June 14 9-11 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

Firehawk Hulin/Medicine Wheel  

July 12 9-11 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

 Steven Clark/ Appreciative Inquiry 

August 16 9-11 PST/12-2 EST/6-8 CET

Phil Bakelaar/ The Scriptures

Sept Date and time TBD. 1


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Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.

Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework (LPF)

June 14, 9-10:30 am PST/ 12-1:30 pm EST/ 6-7:30 pm CET

For several decades Gisela Wendling has developed a contemporary framework for change called the Wendling Liminal Pathways Chagne Framework of LPF. It was inspired by the Rites-of-Passages research by Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner and her own explorations with indigenous practice in Peru, Africa, Australia and Canada. She has recently completed a study of the efficacy of the LPF and a Liminal Pathways Study being published by The Grove Consultants International, where she is VP of Global Learning. Gisela is also the co-founder and co-director of The GLEN. She has long experience as a change consultant cross many industries and headed a Master Program in Organizational Development at Sonoma State University in the past.

Link to Gisela Exchange

Joran Oppelt on Integral Theory

May 17 11-1 pm PST/2-4 pm EST/8-10 pm CET

In addition to being CEO of, Joran is an international speaker, author and consultant with certifications in coaching, storytelling, design thinking and virtual facilitation. He has been a serious student of Ken Wilbur's Integral Theory, which works in the background of his thinking.  He leads game-changing meetings for clients and has trained other facilitators to drive transformation and alignment, delivering “great reckonings in small rooms.”

He is the co-author of Facilitation: A Human-Centered Guide to the Art of Collaboration; The Visual Meetings Field Guide: How to Facilitate Great Meetings with Amazing Teams; Visionary Leadership: How to Live Your Strategy, Create New Habits, and Inspire Your Team; and contributing author of The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives.

Heiko Veit on STAGES Developmental Model 

April 12, 11-1 pm PST/2-4 pm EST/8-10 pm CET

 With trained intuition and conceptual clarity, Heiko Veit designs developmental spaces for asking better questions and finding more effective answers. Whether he is working with organizations or individuals, his aim is to address underlying causes instead of working on symptoms so he can accompany development and initiate transformation. He is currently working on a translation of the Stages Model into German and is very conversant about developmental models in general.

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