Catalyzing Systemic Transformation

A year-long immersive developmental learning experience with Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet 

June 2022 - June 2023 

Our world needs as many capable change leaders as possible in these challenging times. We believe these skills are developed most rapidly within a committed cohort of learner-practitioners. This program is comprised of four residential retreats, interim online video sessions, triads, and coaching on participant change projects.

Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., and David Sibbet will co-lead all sessions, with involvement of successful practitioners with relevant expertise. Participants will learn to design, lead, facilitate, and support transformations across all phases of systemic change, as reflected below. We will introduce and practice the latest dialogic, visual, and collaborative methods, grounded in Gisela's long research in liminal change processes and David's applications of the Theory of Process.

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Gisela Wendling  and David Sibbet are dedicating this next year to working with a focused group of change practitioners, to share their considerable experience and support participants in working on projects with real impact and importance. 

They are experienced designers and leaders of student centered, experience-based action learning programs. Gisela led a Masters Program in Organizational Development at Sonoma State. David led the Coro Center's Fellowship in Public Affairs for many years, and helped design leadership programs at several large organizations. They have co-led many shorter workshops on leading change and recently co-led a very impactful, year-long Leading Change program for a cohort of 20 middle managers at an environmental agency in Minnesota. 

Their calling is to bring this work forward in a context where deep learning can occur. You are invited to be one of the lucky participants.

Program Leaders


Gisela Wendling, Ph. D. is VP of Global Learning at The Grove Consultants International and Co-Director of the Global Learning & Exchange Network. Her extensive consulting career has supported change in high tech, health care, universities, retail, and design industries. She has studied Rites of Passages and ceremony in indigenous contexts Peru, Africa , Australia and Canada. It and her cross cultural work Wendling Liminal Pathways Framework for ChangeTM. She is co-author of Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change with David Sibbet and currently writing a book on change and liminal process. Her training in dialogic practice, psychology, human systems dynamics, and collective trauma has led to her being described by colleagues as a "visionary theorist," and a deep water "practitioner scholar." 

David Sibbet is founder of the Grove Consultants International and an acknowledged thought leader in the field of visual facilitation and process leadership. He is author of the Wiley Facilitation Series including Visual meetings, Visual Teams, Visual Leaders, and Visual Consulting, co-authored with Gisela. His decades-long work translating Arthur M. Young's Theory of Process into application tools and practices has resulted in The Grove's Group Graphic Keyboard and Facilitation Model, Team Performance System, Strategic Visioning proces, and Seven Challenge of Change model, co-developed with Gisela. He has led countless experiential workshops and facilitated systemic change projects in the  high tech, design, environmental, and higher education fields.

Gisela and David are both adept at in-person and online processes. They are deeply committed to helping midwife a more inclusive, reciprocal, and holistic worldview and practice, with full awareness of the fundamentally critical nature of our present times.

Requirements & Fees

The Curriculum

Summer of 2022

"Organizing Our Learning Cohort"

The special magic of the Leading Change experience will be working in depth with Gisela and David within a supportive cohort of co-learners . We will begin by creating a strong and safe container for our work through several video calls and an opening four-day retreat.

Because this programs intentionally integrates personal development and social change work, we will begin by setting  personal and group learning goals and agreeing on how we will work together. Everyone will share about the projects they will work with.  We will also identify tailored topics around which teams will develop mini-workshops on content areas that will support the group projects.  

Late Summer of 2022

“Awakening Our Awareness & Engaging Leaders of Change”

The  cohort will begin working in teams on projects and mini-workshops, and begin the process of engaging with project sponsors and persons who might constitute a process design team for their project. This work will be supported by web conferences and the GLEN collaboration backbone.

Fall of 2022

"Visioning & Solution Finding”

Participants will recruit a cadre of stakeholders to co-design and participate in solution-finding sessions, applying design thinking and dialogic skills. A second four-day retreat will support these projects. Participants will share mini-works on key topics. Interim zoom sessions and consultations will support learning. 

Winter of 2023        

“Stepping into a New Vision”

Projects will have formalized to a point where real commitments to change can be made. Another four-day retreat will take a deep look at this stage of change, and how the cohort can support each other. Interim zoom calls and consultation will support the process. The group will continue offering mini-workshops on critical topics.

Spring of 2023     

“Living the Change”

following project team summary work, and preparatory work, everyone will gather in a final four-day retreat for reports on projects, learning, group ceremony and celebration.

A detailed syllabus will be available on registration and acceptance of your application. Total instructional days in workshops led by Gisela and David will number about 22 days per person. There will be a variable amount of personal involvement depending on the projects. Certificates of completion will we provided by The Grove Consultants International. Twelve units of academic credit are available through Meridian University, co-sponsors of the program, for a small fee.

Requirements & Fees

Leading Change

Catalyzing Systemic Transformation 

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Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.

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David Sibbet

June 2022 - June 2023

Open registration. Fees will be used to support The GLEN. Please share this offering with people who are committed to mastering change.