Program Requirements


Program participants will be asked to commit to both personal development as well as successful learning about change through specific projects. Organizations and communities are facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and challenge in these times. These invariably impact change practitioners and require continuous learning, flexibility, and interest in expanding awareness. Practitioners will be asked to look at their own biases and triggers, as well as the assumptions that underly their theories of change. We want to make sure applicants are committed to this level of work.

Specific Requirements


Participants must have a SPECIFIC CHANGE PROJECT to work on during the program. This may require agreement from host organizations or some sponsorship from community stakeholders. 

Participants need MODERATE EXPERIENCE with designing and leading group processes and be open to working collaboratively in small teams during the program.

Participants should be FULLY COMMITTED to combining personal development with work on change. This will mean being open to setting and working on personal learning goals and being open to group feedback on their projects.

Participants must agree to ATTEND ALL FOUR IN-PERSON RETREATS in Petaluma, CA.

Participant must agree to MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY and not comunicate about other participants' experiences or projects during or after the program without permission. 


 Fees & Expenses 


The base cost of the program is $15,000. This can be paid in installments. 

Academic credit at Meridian University is not required, but available for an additional cost of $150 per credit.

Travel and lodging costs at IONs Earthrise Retreat Center will be covered by participants in addition to fees. Lodging costs will include food and will have some variability based on whether or not you want to share a room. Costs will be approximately $650 for the 4-day retreats.


Gisela Wendling & David Sibbet collaborate regular on large systems change projects that they lead through their company The Grove Consultants International. David is founder of The Grove and Gisela is vice president for global learning. They are also co-directors of the Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) which the Grove has sponsored to support its social change work. 

Working with learner-practitioners is their current calling (and passion). They both have long experience in immersive, cohort based action learning.

If you would like to talk directly prior to filling out this application, please contact Gisela and David at [email protected]. You will also receive a call directly upon submission to confirm that this experience would be a good fit for you.


Apply to Leading Change

Filling out this form will result in having a talk with Gisela and David about your readiness to join this group. Please share your learning hopes, relevant experience, and potential change projects. This information is confidential.