Join the GLEN Producers

Purpose of the GLEN Producers


The GLEN is committed to sharing its learning worldwide through many kinds of media. The GLEN Producers is a team of people adept at web design, video production, publication, and other forms of creative expression. They support transforming the output from Exchanges and Collaborations into Learning Resources for the GLEN network and wider network of partners and linked networks.

Our Process

Currently  this team is in formation and will evolve its process from shared experience.

We will be working in a project mode, identifying and signing up for help on projects that seem to have the most chance of supporting The GLEN's purpose of catalyzing connection among leaders, organizations  and communities to collaborate in facing the big problems of out times.



This collaboration is for you if..

  • You like to work with video
  • You want to explore creating self-paced learning materials from GLEN content.
  • You'd like to learn Kajabi and Mighty Network platforms and help evolve this infrastructure.
  • You love writing. 
  • You get really excited sharing principles and practices that people can apply.
  • You love working with imagery.
  • You like to collaborate.

Our Facilitator

David Sibbet is co-director the GLEN. He is trained in magazine journalism and is a prolific author and creator. He is adept at all the Adobe products and has created several elaborate website environments in Word Press, Kajabi, and Second Life. He is also a master graphic facilitator and acknowledged pioneer in this field. 

Are You A Producer?

Filling out this form will result in having a talk with David about joining this team. Please share your experience with media production, conceptual design, editing, etc..