What First Nations Can Teach Us About Power and Privilege

 Thursday Aug 18, 9 -11 am PST,  12-2 pm EST


As facilitators and hosts, we work within an invisible field of interconnectedness, where power and privilege shape relationships and possibilities. What can First Nations teach us about navigating power dynamics — in ourselves, with each other, and in the world? In this exchange, we will explore indigenous understandings of power and privilege through storytelling and dialogue. Listening deeply to the innate wisdom of the natural world — of which we are a part — we will each discover new ways to see and work with power and privilege. 

Introducing your co-hosts for this exchange...

 Amy Lenzo

Co-host Amy Lenzo founded weDialogue and Beehive Productions to expand what is possible for hosts of online participatory processes. She delights in creating opportunities for deep engagement, learning, and connection — to ourselves, each other, and the rest of natural world. 

This exchange will lead into a four-session course offered by Beehive Productions with Chris Corrigan and First Nations host Kelly Poirer. 

Firehawk Hulin

Co-host Firehawk received the gift of Earth Wisdom through formal apprenticeships with WindEagle and RainbowHawk, métis keepers of The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge — ancient wisdom  that has been handed down orally for thousands of years.  

Having worked for decades in media production, he has spent the last ten years exploring what it means to create sacred space in the digital realm. He is passionate about "circle work” and shared  leadership.  His Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom is currently developing a three-year intensive training in applying Medicine Wheel Wisdom in daily life. 


Rowan Simonsen

Co-host Rowan Simonsen  is passionate about learning in and from nature and hosting spaces for meaningful conversation and connection. An Aikido and Art of Hosting Practitioner as well as a Kaospilot, he is also trained in the Disciplines of Peace and in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.

With a background in business administration and a focus on innovation and sustainability, Rowan co-founded Beehive Productions, a global  peer-learning and practice community for participatory leaders. He lives  with his wife and two daughters in Colombia.