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by David Sibbet


We humans are cooking ourselves. It was 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Paris and Germany in early August—the first temperatures over 100 ...

Working for the Apps

I’ve read about Uber and Lyft, autonomous vehicles and how A.I. is transforming the world. In California arguments ...

by Gisela Wendling

Recovering an Indigenous View of the World: The Sundance – Post 2

The Sundance Ceremony of the North American Great Plains People (which includes territories of the Cree people in Canada) ...

Recovering An Indigenous View of the World: Reflections on A Cree Sundance – Post 1

* How can a person immersed in western society recover an indigenous worldview? What are the ways that indigenous and ...

by Amy Lenzo

And the Hits Keep Coming

(image) This variety of rose – I can’t remember her name – is a bit shy and you have to tip ...

The Miracle of Life

(image) It’s almost like clockwork – every Spring, no matter how long it’s been since I last posted, I ...

by Alan Briskin

Alienation, Authenticity and the Prophetic Voice

This post is a reflection inspired by an active dialogue between Kathia Laszlo and me, as we co-design our upcoming ...

A Leadership That Embraces Uncertainty and Emergence

What we need more than shouting our answers out loud is a quiet confidence in not knowing. We need better ...

Karen Wilhelm Buckley
by Karen Wilhelm Buckley

Mary Gelinas
by Mary Gelinas

Courageous Communication

Picture about seventy people crowded into a dimly lit room with a creaking, wooden floor of an old building at ...

The Fourth Dimension of Social Fields: The Human Mind

A note from Mary: This post is longer and more dense than usual. I am exploring some big questions so ...

Potato Sack Chronicles
by Bill Bancroft

KWA Transitional Leadership

For KWA construction, Conbrio Managing Principal Bill Bancroft worked with the owner to prepare and finally transfer leadership to ...

City of Mesquite

What makes a great place to live, work and play?  Answering such a challenge is called Placemaking. And there ...

Kathia Lazlo
by Kathia Lazlo

My thoughts

Finding my voice has been an ongoing process... the process of discovering my authentic self. I have come to appreciate ...

by Rob Eskridge

Dad invented the Turkey Roast

Happy Thanksgiving with a touch of business history

Dad Invented the Turkey Roast

When I was a boy, we lived in St. Louis, where Dad worked for the Ralston Purina Company.  They had ...