The GLEN's Blogger Vision

Jun 30, 2020

Part of the vision of the GLEN is that we, the members, will break new ground in our writing, drawing, and media design in the service of collaboration, regeneration, and returning to a respect for connectivity, diversity, and interdependence. It's an imprecise zeitgeist that we are constantly re-examining.

How better to model collaboration than to work with each other on our creative processes. The GLEN Bloggers is an active collaboration in The GLEN, with about a dozen members meeting every other week to share writing, book chapters, and images. We are all blooming with the process.

So we are taking responsibility for this part of our new website, posting things about what is happening in the network and the world that is relevant to The GLEN's mission of catalyzing collaboration between leaders, organizations, and community to better face the issues of our times. 

If you wish to join the bloggers in this regard, please contact David Sibbet, the GLEN Bloggers' catalyzer.