LASP Ensemble Produces a new eBook on Leading as Sacred Practice

Jan 28, 2021

GLEN members Alan Briskin, Gisela Wendling, Holger Scholz and David Sibbet just completed a 33 page eBook sharing their learning from four years of gatherings, dialogues and on-line work regarding Leading as Sacred Practice. This subject is tricky because of the many strong feelings people have about their own practices and special words. Yet the LASP team, which calls itself "the Ensemble" shares a belief that holding humans as integrated bodies, minds, emotions, and yes, spirits, is important.

In a playfully serious way they have outlined what it means to be a Servant Leader, a Circle Wizard, a Space Steward, a Crucible Guardian, and a Ritual Intercessor. They have also design an upcoming six session series on these subjects starting April 23. 

You can download the LASP eBook HERE. You can explore about the on-line series HERE.

P.S. If you have signed up for any of the LASP events in the past, you can see the photos and charts from previous gatherings in the LASP Continuum Collaboration. If you have attended, just put "LASP" in as a coupon code and you can access this material.