Exciting News—Krista Bremer Joins The GLEN

Mar 15, 2022
We are very happy to announce that Krista Bremer is joining the GLEN as program director. As the GLEN continues to evolve, and our members respond to humanity’s most pressing challenges by teaching, learning, and collaborating, she will work closely with us to guide and support our growth.

Krista is a senior-level professional who comes to the GLEN from the domain of literary publishing. As associate publisher of The Sun magazine, she oversaw the tripling of its budget and led its D&I initiatives, in addition to leading its fundraising and marketing efforts.

She is inspired by the intelligence and intention she has experienced in GLEN workshops, exchanges, and collaborations. She continues to gain a deeper appreciation for the capacities of our members as well as the complexity of the challenges we face. She is honored to join such a creative community dedicated to our individual and collective evolution.

An award-winning author whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, O: the Oprah Magazine, and elsewhere, Krista believes in the transformative power of a well-told story. She also believes a good question is at least as valuable as a clever answer, and that collaboration makes work more exciting and rewarding.

Krista and her husband Ismail, a Libyan-born Muslim, live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with their two children. Her bicultural family makes Krista more keenly aware of the insidious nature of othering as well as the incomparable richness of inclusivity. She feels the truth of Tanehisi Coates’ claim that Americans must reckon with racism like an alcoholic reckons with addiction. Every day of our lives we explore how to soberly face this reality. Walking this path is not easy, but doing it together with courage and humility is infinitely better than the stupor of denial.  She looks forward to continuing this journey with her new colleagues at the GLEN.

Krista wants to hear your feedback and ideas. She invites you to share your thoughts about how the GLEN might better support collaboration and lifelong learning for the sake of a more just and peaceful world.  
Please feel free to reach out to her at [email protected], or by phone at (919) 428 3301.