2021 Review of GLEN Activity

Jan 04, 2022

2021 Exchanges

  • Exploring Racism, hosted by Alan Briskin, David Prior and Gisela Wendling
  • Leaders They Do Not See hosted by Karen Wilhelm Buckley and Karolina Iwa
  • Resilience: What New Hopeful Changes are Emerging from the Pandemic? Hosted by Phil Bakelaar and David Sibbet
  • LASP Online Series—Six Sessions plus a Bonus session, led by the Ensemble of Holger Scholz, Alan Briskin, Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet.


The following Collaborations are active

  • Wildfire & Community Resilience Roundtables with Tamara Wall, Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet. Initial grant is almost complete. Possibility of a major funding following passage of the current budget bills at the state level.
  • Community Resilience Collaboration with the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Institute (Phil Bakelaar and David Sibbet). David is now a Board Member of the IFVP Institute and working to involve this community in resilience project.
  • GLEN Bloggers— about 6-7 GLEN members meet every other Monday morning and have published many blogs out of the work. These sessions are invariably inspirational.
  • Leading as Sacred Practice Ensemble- Alan Briskin, Gisela Wendling, Holger Scholz and David Sibbet are engaged in ongoing work heading toward a LASP Retreat in September 2022.
  • Neuropsychology & Change. Mary Gelinas and David Sibbet have a second workshop on Generation New Fields of Awareness: The Neuropsychology of Change in March.

GLEN Media & Publications

We have begun building up a backlog of materials that are in various stages of production and distribution.

  • LASP eBook: 1000+downloads.
  • Exploring Visual Process: Videos and documentation of Markus Engelberger & David Sibbet’s three Exchanges await workup into a self-pace program.
  • CAFé All meetings with Teresa and the Cebu Farmers Market are available in the Learning Resources area of the GLEN.
  • Leading as Sacred Practice: videos of all Six Online Sessions and reports from each Summit are posted in the LASP Collaboration for all LASP participants.
  • Neuropsychology of Change: Eight videos of Mary Gelinas and David Sibbet Exchanges on the topic plus three earlier with Bill Bancroft are awaiting development. The presentation segments have already been edited.
  • Principles of Collective Wisdom by Alan Briskin and Amy Lenzo was an initial online workshop offered through The GLEN and documented. It awaits conversion to a form that can be in Learning Resources.
  • Theory of Process Exchanges with David Sibbet resulted in eight sessions that have been video-taped and need editing and inclusion in an evergreen self-paced learning program.
  • Book on “Field Awareness” by Alan Briskin and Mary Gelinas catalyzed the first 4-day Authors Lab at Amber Way with Gisela and David. Applying LASP Ensemble approaches, we collaboratively created a jump forward for the book writing process.
  • Research & Book on Liminality & Change by Gisela Wendling. Gisela held a second Author’s Lab called the Liminal Wise Women+ gathering over three days at Amber Way. This included Mary Gelinas, Marilyn Veltrop, and Eleanor Criswell. The plus was David. It led to encouraging Gisela to write a formal monograph of her research before a popular book.