GLEN Learning Modules

These self-paced learning modules are outgrowths of GLEN Exchanges and Collaborations, and are offered here to support more in-depth, personal reflection and learning. 

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These modules are free to GLEN members. Some are accessible to non-members for a contribution to support ongoing GLEN evolution. This area of the site is currently a key focus of development.

Cebu Farmers Market—Toward Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems or CAFEi

Teresa Ruelas and her collaborators created a new organization called CAFEi  to support farmers on the island of Cebu in the Philippines who grow organic food and market it through farmers markets. This collaboration has many lessons of how to grow something through pure persistence, collaboration across distance, and willingness to evolve solutions in response to on-the-ground realities. It is also a great example of using virtual visualization to facilitate organization development and change.

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Exploring the Edge of Visual Practice

Markus Engelberger, David Sibbet, Bob Horn, and Mathias Weitbrecht led several GLEN Exchanges in 2018 and 2020 looking at ways to think about the field of visual practice. This walkthrough shares some of ways they visually mapped the field and some of the challenges and practices.

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Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change Prequel

David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling co-authored a book by this title in 2018 and led eight GLEN Exchanges on the subject. These Exchange videos walk through the Seven Challenges of Change model with input from GLEN members who are experienced consultants. They raised questions and helped refine the language and distinctions. Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change is now available on Amazon.

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The Theory of Process

David Sibbet led seven Exchanges that will walk you through an inquiry about applications of Arthur M. Young's Theory of Process to organizational consulting and process design in general. This Theory articulates the torus pattern that describes archetypal patterns in living systems that lie behind most of The Grove Consultant International's work. Videos in this course are the property of The GLEN and not to be copied without permission.

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Activating Collective Wisdom

This course was designed and presented by Alan Briskin and Amy Lenzo. The collaboration drew on Alan's many years authoring about collective wisdom on and Amy's extensive work supporting online engagement and interaction. It presents a model of the five principles of collective wisdom.

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The Neuropsychology of Change

For three years The GLEN has been exploring the neuropsychology of design and collaborative practice. Mary Gelinas, Ed.D. has led this effort with collaboration from David Sibbet and Bill Bancroft. These Exchange archives explain the key models and practices that will help you build more competency in being aware of shaping energetic and social fields.

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