Experience The GLEN Information Exchanges

The Experience the GLEN Information Exchanges run from 9:00 to 10:30 am PT and have the following purposes:

  • Provide an experience of a GLEN Exchange

  • Introduce you to GLEN leadership

  • Orient you to the Exchanges, Collaborations, and Learning Resources.

  • Provide an overview of our website and networking Hub.

  • Explore your learning edges and interests.

The links below, also found in the About section of the website, will acquaint you with critical information. Take some time to read these over.

Then register for the time that best suites you. We'll be back in touch with Zoom link and reminders for the call once you register.

Register for March 4, 2022

The GLEN Social Change Model

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Our Action Learning Ecosystem

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The GLEN Organization

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GLEN Origins and History

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